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A groundbreaking new training program for graduate students at KU is exploring the impact of climate change. From the University of Kansas, this is Research Matters. I'm Brendan Lynch.

Aired September 28, 2008

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A $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation is funding C-CHANGE, a program to develop experts in science, engineering and policy who will become tomorrow's leading voices on the "grand challenge" of climate change. Joane Nagel, University Distinguished Professor of Sociology, heads C-CHANGE.

Joane Nagel: This is a program for students who are in Ph.D. programs now but who wish to make their training more interdisciplinary, focusing on global climate change. Students will take classes that will be taught by geo scientists, social scientists, engineers and bioscientists. They will come away with their own disciplinary training, but also with coursework, ideas and perspectives that combine all of these disciplines."

The C-CHANGE acronym stands for Climate Change, Humans, and Nature in the Global Environment, and the programs trainees will roam the globe to better grasp implications of Earth's changing environment. Destinations for the students include communities in Kansas, a retreating ice sheet in Greenland and changing Monarch habitat in Mexico.

Nagel: Climate change is a global phenomenon and the way scientists study climate change varies according to where you are in the world. These different settings allow different kinds of data to be collected and different understandings of how climate change in going to shape local systems. Some of those will have direct transfer to the United States."

C-CHANGE trainees also will complete a summer internship in climate policy.

Nagel: "They might go to Washington, D.C. They might go to Topeka and they might work for a government agency or an NGO or a private foundation that's focused on climate policy."

For more on C-CHANGE, log onto Research Matters, dot KU dot EDU. For the University of Kansas, I'm Brendan Lynch.

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A groundbreaking new training program for graduate students at the University of Kansas is exploring the impact of climate change on Earth's biology, ecology and social systems.

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